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Website Performance Reports

Data driven decisions always make $ense

Standard Website Performance Report 

  • Setup and enrollment in Web Master tools
  • Increase the number of visitors by making sure your webpage is indexed
  • Checking and correction of any errors like duplicate content
  • Viewing linking popularity
  • Verification of your page rank in various search queries
  • Analysis on how search engine robots are seeing your page, optimization for a better search output
  • Setup and enrollment in website analytical reporting
  • Understanding how your website visitors engage in your site
  • Tracking which keywords delivers the best Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Analyze website statistics such as number of visitors, returning visitors, unique, and duplicate visitors
  • View how many visitors came to your site and what content was most relevant to them
  • Monitor the percentage of website visitors who arrived at your page and left without activity, a.k.a bounce rate
  • View which web sites are referring visitors to your site
  • Set-up and execution of a Goal Campaign
  • See in real time how marketing campaigns are performing both online and offline
  • View where in the process a user exists before converting
  • Optimize the process to arrive at more conversion

Advanced Website Performance Report 

  • Includes all benefits of the Standard Website performance plus...
  • Website Optimizer Campaigns
  • Landing page optimization
  • Improved testing, both A/B split test and multi-variable experiments
  • Testing of alternate content
  • Different variations of headlines, images, ad copy, call to action (CTA), and overall layout
  • Flexible Conversion Goals to included, time spent on page, clickthrough rate (CTR), and form submits
  • Decrease your website’s bounce rate
  • Determines which pages and elements produce the desired outcome
  • Increases the amount of conversion based on the prior knowledge

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