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Great Websites and Extensions

Here are a few websites and extensions we recommend to improve your Internet search experience.

- Mozilla Firefox

This is an excellent web browser that allows you to utilize many customized add-ons. The process to upload extensions (add-ons) is quite seamless.  Directly through the tool bar you can search for add-ons or look at the most popular and recent extensions.

- StumbleUpon

This extension, will allow you to customize your search based on your preferences. Go to the site directly to download the tool bar or if you are using Mozilla Firefox there is an extension available for download. With a simple account registration you can make a customized list of your favorite topics.

- Google Blog Search

Here you can read the latest information on your favorite topic.  You do not need to scour through hundreds of blogs with no relation to your interest.  You can easily search and identify relevant blogs related to your topic of interest.

- Zoho

This is an dynamic website that integrates all the aspects needed to start and manage your small business such as customized spreadsheets, documents, invoices, and web conferencing just to name a few.

- ScreenCast

Is an excellent media hosting solution for your small business. It allows you to upload videos, screen captures, and other interactive media.  We would recommend downloading one of TechSmith's other products such as Camtasia Studios or Jing for a seamless upload.


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