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Day 6: "How to REALLY Grow your Email List"

Once your business has a website with great content, you need to make your potential clients aware of your services. You want to drive traffic to your website while reaching your target audience.  Using email marketing is an excellent way to establish and grow your customer relationships.  Today we will discuss 17 unique ways to grow your email list.

1. Sign-up with a good Email Service Provider (ESP)

There are several ESP out in the market.  My recommendation is to look for an ESP that fits into your life style.  I travel frequently, therefore I am very dependent on my mobile device.  I like the ESP I use because they developed a mobile application in which I can add people to my list and view my statistics and reports.  In addition, I can separate my list based on various variables and run A/B spilt test to maximize my open rate or click through rate.

2. Add Newsletter Sign-up on websites and blogs

Add an option to sign-up to your newsletter on your website and also on every web page.  If you have several pages, start with the pages with the most traffic and then plan to update the other pages.  In addition, depending on coding, if you add a sign-up module to every page, you can see which page the visitor signed-up on and send customized emails specific to that offering.

3. Ask to, "Join our mailing list" in your Email Signature

In every employee's signature, include an option to join the mailing list.

4. Create a Newsletter

Your newsletter can be weekly, monthly, or quarterly.  Creating a newsletter with valuable information, advice, and events will help keep current and potential customers informed.  In the actual email write a brief description about every topic in the newsletter and have a link pointing to the full article hosted on your website.

5. Forwarding option

In all email campaigns you send, be sure to include an option to forward the email to a friend.  I personally like to include this option in the top of the email and also in the footer.  Having the option in multiple locations gives your recipient two channels to forward.

6. Put a link on your quotes and invoices

Put a link on your quotes and invoices to join your mailing list. This is a great way to keep constant communication with potential customers.  Even if the customer doesn’t buy from your company immediately, if they liked what they saw they will be more likely to sign-up for your newsletter to keep abreast of upcoming events and promotions.

7. Have a physical sign-in book at your store front

When a customer walks in your store, have a sign-in book that collects valuable information.  Mention that you will include them on your email list, or make an opt-in check box as one of the fields.

8. Include Newsletter sign-up URL on your business cards

This is an option I personally have not tested, but I will be including on my second wave of business cards and let you know the results.

9. Promotions

Mention your Newsletter while promoting your company during radio, web, or television interviews.

10. Incorporate mailing list sign-up in existing marketing materials

Include a reference on your printed material such as brochures, flyers, and newspaper advertisements.  Also include the URL on samples and pens.

11. Voicemail

On your personal greeting leave many avenues for your caller to reach you, including an opportunity for them to sign-up for your email list.

12. Online Directories, classified and blogs

When posting in online classifieds, leave an option for the visitors to sign-up for your email list.  Also, have a few URLs you submit to online directories pointing to you newsletter sign-up page.  On blogs where you newsletter answers the concern, post a URL pointing to the page of the newsletter that complements the thread.

13. Give Aways

Create a contest and give away a discount on your service, product, or promotional merchandise.

14. Write a white paper

Write an informative white paper about one of your services or answer a popular and hard FAQ.  Include advertisements and benefits of joining your mailing list.

15. Pay per Click campaigns on Google, Yahoo! And Facebook

Create ads with the URL pointing to your site’s Newsletter sign-up page.

16. Networking

When you are at conferences, speeches, or events, ask for attendees business cards and ask if you can include them on your email list.  If you are a keynote speaker, mention that a way your audience to follow-up and receive more information is by subscribing to your newsletter.  If you have an event, at the close and open of the event, mention that you have a newsletter which will contain a poll to gather feedback, comments and suggestions. This has a dual purpose as it solicits their participation and gives you feedback on your event.

17.  Friends and Family

Usually friends and family are always your biggest supporters.  Ask for them to be included in your list and forward to a person that may be interested in your products and/or services.  It gives them a pre-worded format about what your business provides and keeps your brand consistent.  Plus it only requires that they push a button to forward.

Next we will discuss how to make a Facebook Fan page that engages visitors and promotes your business.

If you have any questions or need additional explanation, please feel free to post a response, check back for blog updates, or contact me directly at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Kind Regards,
Shannon Baldwin Davis


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