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Day 5: "Be LINKable"

This philosophy is not far from being likable. When a person is likable, people want to be around them, invite them to events, and look out for their reputation.  Linkable means the same but for your website.  Does your website have information people would like to be around and comeback to reference?  Do other websites want to invite their visitors to look at your website?  Are other websites making sure your cyber reputation is being upheld? If not, then you have to create that type of information. Today we will discuss 3 tips to generate LINKable content.

1. Do  some research:

A great way to start is to look at your bookmarking or favorites tab.  Look at the websites you visit to get information and review your website to see if yours is just as beneficial to your visitors.  Look at common frequently asked questions for your product and/or service and generate blogs or an FAQ section that answers these questions.

2. Create Blogs:

Write blogs with useful information and advice.  In this day and age most information is readily available on the Internet.  Make sure the information you post is helping your clients.  Write how-to-blogs that guide a client through a specific process.  Also, write about industry breaking news or changes that affects your client base.

3. Post Videos:

More and more people are watching their TV online. Nielsen Media Research asked the question, “Are we watching less TV with more screens?”, citing the conversion of less people watching TV on their televisions and more on their computers.  Target this audience, by placing informative Video logs (Vlogs) or tutorials on your website, which give valuable points and advice on your company’s subject matter.

Creating link worth content will increase the chances of another website linking to yours, which create backlinks.  The more backlinks you have the better your website looks to a search engines.

Next we will discuss pointers on how to grow your email list.

If you have any questions or need additional explanation, please feel free to post a response, check back for blog updates, or contact me directly at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Kind Regards,
Shannon Baldwin Davis


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