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Day 3: "The KEYWORD to Success”

Keyword research is an important step in your Internet marketing campaign.  Learning which keywords to use and where will increase the chances of your website appearing higher in the organic search results when a potential client is searching the web.  The first step to learn is which keywords you should use. Today we will talk about the top 3 actions to run a successful keyword research process.

1. Find your Keywords:

Do some preliminary keyword research. Go to Google and type in keywords you believe your clients use to find your services. Look at the results and verify that the results populated are related to your product and/or services.  If they are put the keyword in to an excel file.  Do this for around 25-30 different keywords.

Once you have built a good list put these keywords in to Google's Key Word Tool.  Google will output keyword variations and the number of searches performed for each variation.  This is a great tool because it gives you insight to other keywords visitors use to find your product and/or service offerings. The key is to not only look for keywords that yield the highest search results, but also the lowest competition. 

2. Search your Competitors

With your compiled list return to Google and type in the 25-30 keywords variations.  Look to see which of your competitors populate in the search and where. If your website appears take note of the page number and placement. Also, record competitors that populate for multiple keyword terms. Rank the keywords by where you are positioned in the search (the lower page number the better) and the lowest competition. These are the keywords you should target first.

3. Integrate your Keywords

Now you should have a list of keywords with several different variables; Local search volume, global search volume, competitors per keyword and your position.  Take that list and see if your website has any of these variations in your content.  You can check this by typing the following command in the search field: “site: Internet marketing” but of course you would replaced my website with yours and the keyword with the one you are trying to optimize. If your website doesn’t contain the selected keywords, write keyword rich content.

Match your target keywords with sections on your website.  Incorporate these keywords within your content, however, make sure you do not overload your content with keywords.   You still want your website's content to read smoothly and serve the primary purpose of being a resource for your clients. A good way to check the number of keywords is to use an online density checker. The rule of thumb is in the range of 3-7%.

Next we will discuss Search Engine commands similar to the keyword checker to help make your search experience fast and effective.

If you have any questions or need additional explanation, please feel free to post a response, check back for blog updates, or contact me directly at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Kind Regards,
Shannon Baldwin Davis


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