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Day 1: "Why do I need Internet Marketing Anyway?"

If you are looking to give your marketing plan an incredible boost, Internet Marketing is the answer! Internet Marketing uses the Internet to enhance an already complete and concise marketing plan. It allows you to use virtual channels to extend your reach past the normal client base obtained through traditional forms of marketing.  In addition, it is a fraction of the cost.  Internet Marketing provides you the tools to measure and quantify your results; enabling your business to make data driven decisions and maximize results.

First, you need to decide on the goals of your Internet Marketing campaign. Most companies only talk about increasing your web traffic. However, that action alone will not reap the results you desire for your business. Get out a piece of paper (or open a word document) and write down this question,“What do I want from my Internet efforts?

This is an important step, because different companies have different goals. If you are a non-profit agency, you may want more publicity and donations via your website.  If you have a event planning business, you may want more customers to register for your mailing list and sign up for services. The goals set will determine the structure of your Internet Marketing plan.

Additionally, make sure you only write specific goals. Do not write goals that are too broad or unrealistic.  They should be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time Bound. For example, if you own a restaurant one of your goals should be:

Increase the amount of patrons by 30% at my restaurant during the weekdays between the hours of 3-5PM in 3 months.

This way you are able to develop an Internet Marketing program to work towards this goal.

For instance, you can offer happy hour specials that are dependent on the amount of people in your party to reach your 30% growth goal.  The event could be called 5 before 5. The way you incorporate Internet Marketing into this plan is to use your social networking sites and email.

On your social networking site's fan page you should create an event titled 5 before 5. The event details are to bring 5 guests, before 5 pm, and receive $5 drinks and $5 appetizers. Invite current fans on your fan page and ask them to forward the invite to 5 friends (see video). Advertise your fan page during the week to promote new guests to become fans. You can also use email marketing through an email service provider. In the email, highlight a few of the menu items featured during 5 before 5, and have the images linking back to your website so a client can look at the complete menu. Included a customized forward button that states “Forward to 5 Other Friends”.

During your event have a small table at the door and have someone simply ask your patrons, "How did you find out about the event?" Provide a small slip for them to register and sign-up for your local mailing list. After your first event, gather the number of people that RSVP via your fan page and email, then cross reference it with the amount of patrons that attended the event. With this information, you will have a good idea of the results of your marketing efforts.

If the closure rate wasn’t as expected do not get discouraged. This just means next time you have to generate more opportunities in order to drive more people to your restaurant. Try changing the subject line of your email, search for MeetUp groups that share similar interest or advertise the event with a local online directory. There are plenty of ways to test and optimize your Internet campaign to yield a better result.

Next, we will discuss a program you can use to measure your Internet campaigns. Also, don’t forget to write out your SMART Goals!

If you have any questions or need additional explanation, please feel free to post a response, check back for blog updates, or contact me directly at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Kind Regards,  
Shannon Baldwin Davis

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